Written by Dahlia Merlo on 21.12.16

Laurier Ouest has always been a very bustling and happening street, with restaurants, bars, and fun shops to explore. A new bar has joined the fray, L’Autre Bar, and we’re pretty excited about it. Now, you may be a bit confused. You may think it was already there, and not so new after all. And you’d be half right.


Truth is, there’s been a bar at that location since 1936. It hasn’t always been L’Autre Bar, but it’s always been a neighbourhood bar that people loved and went back to. In 1936, it was called la Taverne Saint-Vincent. When the owner passed, his wife renamed the bar La Taverne de la Veuve Wilson.


In the 40s, it was pretty much the only bar in the area, so it was a hot spot for students. In the 60s, our very own Ginette Reno was a regular customer!


The new owners who revamped the bar as L’Autre Bar have lived in the area their whole lives and felt the need to bring back the neighbourhood bar. They hope to ​keep the area’s spirit alive one drink at a time!


Now, this isn’t just a wine bar. They also have 40 different types of beers as well as a selection of Quebec micro-breweries. And if you’re hungry, you can grab a bite to eat too! They have a delish charcuteries platter along with Quebec cheeses for you to munch on.


They have a very tasty foie de volaille from neighbourhood artisans Ça Va Barder that is incredible paired with baguette and moutarde à l’ancienne. More delectable snacks are their meatballs and cheese and potato pizza! We’d love to go back for their Chicago mix popcorn.


L’Autre Bar is the quintessential neighbourhood bar that is cozy, warm, and inviting. The owners believe in the importance of tradition and it shows in the way they run their bar. Head on over for a robust glass of wine and some local cheese. You won’t regret it!


278 Avenue Laurier O, Montréal, QC H2V 2K2
(514) 278-1519

Photos by L’Autre Bar and Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii).

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