Written by Dahlia Merlo on 10.01.17

Speakeasies are very clearly all the rage, and with good reason. No one likes heading down to Crescent and sharing bar space with tourists and 18 year olds. As we get older, we appreciate the less crowded bars with great cocktails and a place to sit down that doesn’t require bottle service.


A way to retain exclusivity while still remaining accessible to locals is to open up a speakeasy: no public signs, no loud marketing, just a quiet alleyway entrance and expertly crafted word-of-mouth advertising. In comes Atwater Cocktail Club, the trendy speakeasy connected to the fabulous Foiegwa, an upscale French diner in St Henri, both opened by Barroco Group.


Atwater Cocktail Club patrons seek more than simply exclusivity and a place to sit down while enjoying cocktails; they also crave more than the typical gin and tonic or vodka soda. They want expertly crafted cocktails that taste delicious but still pack a punch. Atwater Cocktail Club does just that, and they have some incredibly creative twists to ensure that your cocktail is drool- (and Instagram) worthy.


One of their more popular cocktails is called the Smoke Show, because it is literally a smoke show. Blackberries, blueberries, lemon, thyme syrup, blackberry liqueur, and white Plantation Rum come mixed together and then smoked. The cocktail is presented on a plate with a glass dome filled with smoke. When the dome is lifted and the smoke clears, behold your delicious (and quite smokey) cocktail.


Another fan favourite (or maybe just our favourite) is the Flamingo. Strawberries, lemon, vanilla syrup, Porto, blackberry liqueur, and Jim Bean are mixed together to have an almost smoothie/slushie consistency. Enjoy it from a tall milkshake glass and taste the perfect sweetness of this cocktail.


The Pine Bee isn’t as sweet as its name suggests, and packs a strong punch of flavour (and of course, alcohol, because we all want it to have that kick). Peach bitters, Peychaud, White Dolin, Lillet, Amaro Montenegro, and Barr Hill are all topped with a honey wand for that added beehive look.


And if you love Foiegwa (who doesn’t), then you’ll be happy (ecstatic) to know that you can order pretty much anything off their menu and have it delivered right to your table at Atwater Cocktail Club. Get a little boozy and then order the homemade butter and truffle spaghetti. You can thank us later. And then bring us a bowl. Or two.


This snazzy new cocktail bar has it all: delicious, original, and potent cocktails, a hip atmosphere with great music, and up-scale bar snacks (you’ll be “snacking” your way to a dinner and then some). Walk past Foiegwa, turn the corner, and keep walking until you see a mysterious alley with a lonely bouncer, then step into this trendy speakeasy to have a great night.


512 Avenue Atwater, Montréal, QC H4C 2G5
(438) 387-4252

Photos courtesy of Atwater Cocktail Club.

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