Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 01.05.15

Spring in Montreal is fickle during April and May. It appears suddenly and is just as quickly gone again. Spring in Montreal is glorious. It unlocks the frozen streets to leisurely walks and nail-less wheels. Spring in Montreal is delicious! It calls back those beloved mobile eateries the city has readopted: food trucks.

Photo: Matthew Hung (@hewung) at Pas d'cochon dans mon salon

Since 2013, food trucks have exploded back onto the scene, pioneered by Grumman78. These days, the nearly three dozen trucks can be seen in all the right parks and work-front parking spots. It is often considered part of the allure to venture forth through the city to find your favorite truck, or alternatively, to look out from your workplace window and see what truck is in the park square each day. However, once in a while, it is nice to have the food be in a predictable location. Spring is the season to let off steam after a long workday, have a beer or wine, listen to live music, and eat those wonderful eats.

Photo: Matthew Hung (@hewung) at First Fridays

As many will remember, First Fridays is just such a place. The first Friday of every month from May to October is a mini food truck festival at the Olympic park. Tucked in the shadow of that massive phallus-like roof, the food trucks set themselves up for an epic night of food, drink, music, and fun. The lines grow quickly for the finger foods and some trucks even run out, but either way, there is no better way to enjoy the coming of spring than by laughing and partying in the open air! The food and music start at 4:00pm and run until late at night. From experience though, it is better to arrive earlier rather than later to get to the more popular trucks in under 30 minutes.

Photo: Matthew Hung (@hewung) at Le Quai Roulant

Now that spring is here, we will enjoy ourselves in this terrace-like party and hope to see you all there today, May 1st for their launch!

Check out the complete list of the 35  food trucks you can dine on below:

Cuisine authentique polonaise
Decca 77 Mobile
Duck Truck MTL
La Cantine libanaise
Le Nice Truck
L’EXPRESS mobile
Queen B
Traiteur Guru
Alexis Le Gourmand
Boîte à Fromages
Café mobile Dispatch
Camion Au Pied de Cochon
DAS Truck
Dim Sum Montreal
Grumman ’78
Landry & filles
L’Assommoir mobile
La sandwicherie Zoe’s
La Panthère mobile
Le Cheese truck
Le Quai roulant
Le point sans g
Le Supertruck
Le Tuktuk
Lucky’s Truck
Nomade So6
Pas d’cochon dans mon salon
P.A. & Gargantua
Phoenix 1
Pizza no. 900
Ô sœurs volantes
Route 27

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