Written by Erica Spina on 03.02.14

Every year in December, Amnesia hosts their annual ShackAttack, a snowboarding and free ski competition. In the Plateau area of Montreal, on St-Denis between Sherbrooke and Ontario, the whole street is shut down in order for the event to take place. The spectacle is free to watch and those who think they have what it takes compete for a chance to win over $3000 in prizes. Last competition was held on December 6-7 2013,  with both men and women participants. Those who wished to sign-up had a time slot for inscriptions and payed a fee of  $50 for men and $25 for women. The event allows for semi-professional athletes to do what they love, in the city they’re from, in front of a crowd of locals and passerby’s peering from the sidewalks. The annual event is something completely out of the ordinary, with full installations covering one of Montreal’s most frequented streets. An outlandish scene in a busy city street, Shackattack is a reminder that you can find something entertaining in Montreal no matter where you are and in the most random of places. Let’s face it, what’s cooler than a ski and snowboard obstacle course competition, in the middle of the city, on Xmas-ornamented, downhill Saint Denis Street. Check out the pictures below, you got to see it to believe it.


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