Written by Jora Denis on 17.05.16

The time of the year when the “girl-next-door” look won’t suffice is upon us: wedding bells are chiming and invites to fancy summer parties are on their way. In order to debut this social happenings season with class, Crème de La Crème Boutique invited us for a glitzy pop-up event under the theme “Celebrate You.”

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Crème de La Crème is a formal wear boutique, founded by Christina and Valerie Pastras, two stylish sisters who are decidedly gifted for selecting glamorous and fashion forward dresses. We gladly accepted the invitation and arrived ready to play the dress-up game and enjoy the Crème de La Crème personalized experience.

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The evening started with makeup touch-ups and hair styling, a pleasant prelude to the styling session and celebration that would ensue. As we sipped on sparkling wine and indulged in delectable hors-d’oeuvres, we took the opportunity to peruse the beautiful collection of gowns and don our favourites during the party. We can attest that it was no easy feat to narrow down our top picks, as it seemed so many dresses were calling our name.

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Confession time: we certainly love shopping but, when hunting for evening wear, we often find ourselves under the impression that we’re looking for a gem among the duds, embarking on the shopping adventure mentally prepared to return empty ended. Crème de La Crème had us feeling the complete opposite way, finding ourselves overwhelmed by the abundance of attractive choices and possibilities; we experienced a major case of decision-paralysis. Thankfully, Valerie came to our rescue and her discerning eye guided us to zero-in on the gowns which would be most flattering.

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While we analyzed options, we took the chance to chat and ask about current trends. Lace and blush colours were mentioned but we probed a little more: “What do clients commonly ask for?” We were aching to know what was swerving the masses. Valerie confided that ladies often ask for a specific look they have seen on the red carpet. “Isn’t that an intimidating request? ” we asked. “Luckily in most of these instances, the style was already part of our collection or we were able to provide a similar option…”she explained. However, we’re not much of a believer in luck. We would say, when it comes to choosing the winning look , the Pastras sisters are unquestionably naturals.

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Music getting louder was the cue to hurry on and rock our chosen beaded number. As we joined the celebration and did what party goers do (enjoy the music, ambiance, and take stunning selfies), we found ourselves expectantly waiting to discover how the other ladies in attendance would look post styling session. While there was a variety of looks represented, from minimalist to glamour queen, one common denominator was the confident smile everyone flashed.

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Surely girls who feel pretty have more fun, so before your next social event, visit Crème de La Crème Boutique to discuss your wants and needs over coffee and find that red-carpet-worthy dress.

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4375 Boul Notre-Dame #101, Laval, QC H7W 1T4
(450) 934-9318

Photos by Crème de la Crème.

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