Written by Jonathan Naccache on 04.02.14

AmbienceZen, classy, modest, calm
Why: Thai food is about much more than General Thao Chicken
Must-have: Tom Kha soup, Bo Cuon, Cari Rouge, fried banana, fried ice cream
Tip: Take some candy on your way out, it’s great.

Basilic Vert serves Thai and Viet gastronomy, setting it a part from your typical Asian food joint. In fact, they do not even serve fortune cookies with your receipt, which we find to be refreshing for a change. Basilic Vert is a little far from the city centre, in a little suburb called St-Dorothy. Hidden from most enthusiasts, it finds itself to be rarely hectic. This translates into an attentive waiting staff, a carefully prepared meal and a calm, serene, clean, and classy environment.

Again, to get an accurate idea of what Basilic offers, you must try to disregard your usual idea of North American Asian food. Basilic Vert’s dishes are fully thought out and well executed, leaving the rest up to your taste buds.  We strongly recommend their spicy soup with shrimps, vegetables, coconut milk and vermicelli. The Cari Rouge also makes our top pic for main dish: supreme chicken or Angus beef with red curry and coconut milk with seasonal vegetables. All this comes at a very affordable price and a satisfied tummy.

21 Boulevard Samson, Laval, QC H7X 3S5
(450) 689-2221 ‎

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