Written by Jonathan Naccache on 04.02.14

Beautys practically invented breakfast in Montreal; they were the catalyst behind the trend we’re renowned for. Safe to say, Beautys set the standard for having breakfast out, dating back since 1942. Seventy years later, the same family still runs this landmark, managing to maintain their notorious quality! In fact, the original owner, Mr. Hyman Sckolnick, now 91 years old, still works there and greets every single client, adding to the authenticity Beautys is so well known for.

What’s recommended in this deli-style piece of history? You should definitely try “The Special”: bagel with salmon, cream cheese, onions, and tomato. If you have a bigger appetite, the “Mish-Mash’’ omelet can definitely do the part: Hot-dog, salami, green pepper & fried onions. If you’re looking to keep it simple, try their sandwiches, notorious for the challah bread making them up; and if you don’t know what challah is, try it. Have a sweet tough? Finish up with one of their milkshakes or smoothies, the perfect ending to any real breakfast. The cookies and cream milkshake wins the prize in this category, taking it by popular vote.

Saying that Beautys is one of the best breakfast destinations in the city would be unfair, the race is tight and you can go a whole year without running out of a new breakfast-worthy destination. However, the luncheonette represents an important and ongoing piece of our history as a city of foodies and brekkie-mongers. The food is also definitely worth the visit.

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest, Montréal, QC H2T 2S5
(514) 849-8883

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