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Leaving home for the big city of Montreal can be a daunting step in a young adult’s life. Fear not though, for Montreal has a neighborhood for every type of student. From bookish type who might as well rent a room in the university library to the adventurer who would rather explore every abandoned building and underground tunnel, Montreal has an apartment for you. Besides, its all just temporary until you graduate, earn the big bucks, and start searching for Westmount houses for sale.

The Athlete

Perhaps you have come to our glorious city to join the Stingers or the Redmen while you further your education. In such a case, you may need help to stave off the freshman 15 and build your body into the temple of fitness you aspire. Try the Hochelaga region. With decently priced apartments starting at $425/month listed in the area and metro access readily available, student living is perfectly doable. There is also ProGym which is offering a special at $59 for 3 months as well as 24 hour service. There is also an Econofitness whose membership can be shared between up to ten other people. Finally, for those nutritious meals to keep up the figure, stores like Les Aliments Merci or Club Organic offer walking distance health food stores that are less expensive than you might think. There is even a few good parks, including the massive Parc Maisonneuve for that early morning run.

ProGym Montreal

The Bookish Type

Education is important. Perhaps it is the most important to you. Finding spots to study away from the distractions at your apartment or the bustle of the university library would thus be a priority for your search. It is certainly possible to find apartments in the McGill Ghetto or Concordia area, however the prices will start at $600/month and climb, with little space for a roommate. Instead, why not try the Montreal West area? With a shuttle service directly to Concordia and easy metro access, the prices are also more reasonable starting at $450/month. The Loyola Campus offers a spacious area to study in (even if you are not from Concordia… who’s going to know?). There is also a flood of cafés in the region including Cafe Shaïka which is open until midnight and Cafe Zephyr which is open 24/7 for those late night study sessions.

Cafe Zephyr Montreal

The Socialite

While getting an education is important, the best part of university for you could be networking. Where else can a burgeoning young university student do that but at all the hottest hang-outs? It stands to reason, then, that your apartment should be right at the center of the action. The Parc La Fontaine area is just that: literally in the middle of the hot spots. Apartments in the area start at $475/month and climb quickly so the pickings are small. However, walk ten minutes south and you find The Village, with tons of bars including the always packed Aigle Noir. Ten minutes west will have you on Saint-Denis for places like Les Brasseurs de Montreal or the legendary Au Pied du Cochon (slightly off Saint-Denis). Even better is that a mere 20 minutes west will have you on St-Laurent at some of the hottest night life spots such as SuWu, Apartment 200, and Buonanotte Supper club. With so many places to ‘network’, you’ll be hard pressed to choose a spot every night.

Photo: Karel Chladek

The Shopaholic

Montreal is an amazing city to shop in. Unique shops with up and coming designers stand next to the powerhouse brands all within the space of a city block. If that is what attracts you the most about Montreal, then finding a place with easy access to all the best shops is paramount. Milton Park fits the bill with apartments starting at $450/month and access to multiple metro stations. This area of Montreal sits right under the Plateau which is so full of unique shopping spots it’s dizzying. Spots like Boutique 1861 for custom or vintage dresses or Artemano, home of the most amazing exotic furniture and design elements. Furthermore, its only a 20 minute walk to the Underground city which includes all the best malls such as the Eaton Center or Complexe Les Ailes.


The Penny Pincher

University is relatively inexpensive for Canadian residents. However, international students will find that the hiked prices along with living expenses so far from home can add up. But Montreal can be a very forgiving city for those seeking to save money. Metro access on top of cheap and accessible amenities is the ideal fit for such a student. In such a case, try the Little Maghreb area around Station Saint-Michel. With an abundance of apartments starting at $360/month, and cheap grocery stores like Kim-Phat off of Pie-IX, the area is ideal for the student trying to save the most money possible. Furthering this is the Walmart and Winners just north of Pie-IX. Finally, there is even a way to save money on food during the summer as Eco-Quartier Saint-Michel offers green space to grow vegetables.


The Adventurer

Life is an adventure. Going to university in the big city should be no different. Why… Montreal is full of thrills for those willing to seek them. The many forested parks of Montreal along with the excitement of urban exploring of abandoned buildings in the nearly 375 year old city offer any adventurer a challenge. As such, finding an apartment may have more to do with what excitement lies nearby. Thus, try northern Verdun. It has metro access and apartments start around $475/month, which is a reasonable range for students. What is more interesting is the large amount of abandoned and exploreable buildings. While we cannot give you specifics, as exploring buildings which are not classified as “demolished” is illegal, try following Urbex Playground or UnderMontreal for ideas. What is legal and fun to explore is the riverside parks which are so old that they have hidden spots the whole way around the island.

Andrew Emond Under Montreal

The Gamer

Montreal is a big gaming city. We develop some of the most popular AAA titles. As such, it makes perfect sense for gamers to flock to the city for university for our epic gaming community. These champions of gaming have their own needs, namely top tier internet and nearby gaming stores. So, try looking around Saint-Henri. Though few, there are some apartments at a reasonable rate starting at $480/month and metro access is readily available. Furthermore, there are many internet options in the area including Bell Fibe if you are willing to pay the big bucks. What makes the area nice is the nearby Game Access which will deliver their games to your door. Furthermore, if you are feeling adventurous, try the real life escape game in the area: A/Maze.

Amaze Montreal Maze Game

Featured image courtesy of Robby Scalia @robbyscaleez.

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