Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 16.01.15

What is the one thing that links Batman, Link (from Zelda), and Sherlock Holmes? Trapped in a room, under pressure to get out in a limited time, all three of these heroes can solve the puzzle that lets them escape. Now ask yourself: can you be the hero? Can you see the pattern of objects and clues that will let you break out of a room? Put yourself to the test with Montreal’s Escape Game, A\Maze. Be the hero and solve the room’s escape mechanism in a video game come to life.

Building on a similar attraction in Japan, Alexander Reverse and Anton Pushkari have designed three separate Escape Rooms from which participants can attempt to escape. A\Maze will offer you the opportunity to become Indiana Jones (but not from The Crystal Skull) or Lara Croft to beat the The Lost Temple. Or perhaps you would like to try your hand at Alcatraz in The Prison Break. We can’t wait to try The Mad Scientist Laboratory, à la Frankenstein! This might all sound easy enough if there wasn’t a 45 minute time-limit. In fact, of the 10,000,000 potential heroes who have tried attractions similar to A\Maze, a mere 300,000 have made it. That only amounts to 3% success.

Amaze Montreal Escape Game

To be the hero, you will have to trust your puzzle solving skills as you search for clues and materials in the room to orchestrate your own escape. But beware: each room has its own false leads and traps. Luckily, you will be able to bring along up to three friends to help you succeed. Either way, A\Maze will pose the kind of challenge that will thrill and excite until you finally solve the room… on attempt number 4. To make sure A\Maze is actually challenging, Alexander Reverse is integrating all the technology, innovation, and ambiance he can muster into each room.

The real life video game just opened on the corner of Saint-Jacques and Rose-de-Lima, near Lionel-Groulx Metro. For the low-low price of $20-23, you too will earn the chance to be called Hero! Follow A\Maze‘s construction progress and new sets on Instagram @amazemontreal or on Facebook. They also have a Kickstarter with the goal of buying as many gadgets, gizmos, set pieces, and complicated locks they can fit inside the rooms.

3550 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, Qc H4C 1H2
(514) 433-0710

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