Written by Erica Spina on 12.03.15

Bocadillo is a late night must-eat that serves classic Venezuelan food with two popular locations in Montreal. You can either choose to enjoy their wonderful dishes on the Main or in the Plateau. For a casual dining experience, before or after a night out or even on a weeknight with some friends, Bocadillo is a spot you should definitely consider.

Bocadillo in Spanish means “a small bite,” like a snack or a sandwich. Every dish is made entirely from scratch and that gives each bite an authentic flavour. The workers all speak Spanish and take your order in broken English which gives you the impression that you are in a small restaurant in Venezuela.


While the menu (which is presented on boards behind the cash) has a variety of options, there are two dishes we suggest you order without thinking twice: their passion fruit pulled pork and their Tequeños (cheese sticks).

The Tequeños dish comes with 3 very large cheese sticks and offers the option of choosing between cheese, cheese and pepperoni, cheese and guava, cheese and plantain, and chocolate. While all these options might overwhelm you, we recommend sticking to the way cheese sticks are meant to be: plain ol’ cheesy goodness. However, we must warn you to let them cool down a bit before taking your first bite.


Bocadillo’s passion fruit pulled pork is marinated for two full days in passion fruit juice, white wine, spices, and garlic. It’s filled with delicious flavour, making every bite feel like the first bite. The sandwich is so juicy that you’ll definitely have it dripping down your fingers but we promise that you won’t regret getting messy over such a delectable meal.

You can get your delicious Venezuelan fare at Bocadillo whenever the craving hits, because they’re open until 4:00am from Thursday to Saturday.

3677 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X
(514) 227-4041

1224 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2S 1J1
(514) 508-7172

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