Written by Dahlia Merlo on 09.03.15

We love sushi, you love sushi, we all love sushi. What we don’t love?  How much it can cost sometimes to get an exorbitant quantity of delicious sushi. Because you’re never just satisfied with 10 pieces. You need to taste the whole rainbow. Our prayers have been answered with Saint Sushi, and boy are we happy they’ve graced us with their presence. The restaurant is small and cozy, so you should definitely make a reservation because it fills up quickly. The décor is simple with traditional elements but the main attraction is the sushi chefs on display behind the counter. You can either sit at the bar and watch them work their magic, or you can sit on small tables, but no matter where you sit, the chefs are just a glance away.

The sushi at Saint Sushi is a steal, with two tasting menus, the Bonnie ($21.50) and the Clyde. The Bonnie has sashimi, 10 pieces of maki, and 4 pieces of sushi included, and the Clyde adds 2 pieces of Sapin Noel. The Sapin Noel are small round crackers piled high with a mixture of fresh seafood in a cone shape, similar to a Christmas tree, hence the name. Our favourite is the lobster Sapin Noel ($7.25 for 3 pieces). Their sashimi ($12.50-$14.50) is served with julienned apples and a sake reduction: simple, yet bursting with flavour. Their maki (5 pieces per order) are all named after your favourite musicians, but Saint Sushi respects the classics, so you won’t find a Justin Bieber roll on the menu. The Michael Jackson Maki ($11) is a tempura fried roll with tempura shrimp, enoki mushrooms, and a mixture of tuna and salmon. This fried roll is not heavy and won’t sit at the bottom of your stomach after dinner. The Beatles Maki ($10.50) has a cucumber “leaf” exterior, lobster, enoki mushrooms, and tuna and salmon sashimi. The presentation makes this roll look like a flower, with the sashimi slices as petals. Fresh and delicious, you’ll probably order it more than once. Their maki combinations are original and the flavours are really delicious, eyes-wide-with-delight-after-every-bite delicious.

Photo: Instagram user @jon_webistry

To go along with the musical maki, the restaurant plays only the classics, and you’ll find yourself singing along with the chefs during your meal. Expect to see them dancing and singing to Tupac while preparing your food. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and we dare you not to join in on their fun. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what the fuss is about. We’re confident that they’ll even convert non-sushi lovers.

424 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal, QC H2L 1A3
(514) 507-7537

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