Written by Michelle Lawee on 10.04.15

Keeping up with the trends is something Montrealers are pretty good at. Suffice it to say, we’re a well put together city of people with a distinctive and trendy style. So why should our homes be any different? They deserve to be on point too, which is where Bois & Cuir comes in.

Bois et Cuir Montreal (5)

Having opened earlier this year on St.Hubert, Bois & Cuir boasts a 16,000 square foot two-floor store with rooms filled with unique and trendy home furnishing and décor essentials. What can you expect to see? Well, a lot of wood and a lot of leather (hence their name) and also perfectly set up displays that you’ll want to purchase exactly as they are. Their products definitely have that industrial feel, with lots of metal accents and recycled and distressed wood: rustic yet polished at the same time. And without a doubt, every piece at Bois & Cuir is sure to be a conversation piece. From the dinning room tables to the glass and metal chandeliers, and even to the smaller items like dishes, table settings, and knick knacks, the pieces you’ll find here are eye-catching.

Photo: Michelle Lawee (@michielauren)

Up the stairs you’ll find Bois & Cuir’s little gallery space, which features a variety of paintings and prints that you just might want to tack up on your very own walls.

With their prices ranging from $50 – $5000, it’s a great spot to get a little something or to get a big something. But the fact is, it is pretty tough to walk out of there without something. Be sure to check Bois & Cuir out on Facebook and Instagram to gawk at the charming pieces you’ll want to make some room for in your own home.

6304 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2S 2M2
(514) 270-7444

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