Written by Sabrina Bertolo on 30.05.14

If you’re vegetarian (or simply curious to try a meal without meat) and struggling to find a great meatless alternative to your favorite Mexican dishes, then Burritoville is exactly the place you and your taste buds need to be.

A stone’s throw away from Concordia‘s Hall building on Bishop sits a 3-storey brick walk-up which houses some of Montreal’s most impressive (and yes, vegetarian) Mexican food! Burritoville’s decor is incredibly funky and low-key. The building’s high ceilings and massive wooden staircase give a very laid back vibe to the place, which is contrasted dramatically by their impressive selection of Mexican eats.

Their Sweet Potato Burrito (Solo $8, Combo $11) is essentially Thanksgiving in your mouth! Your choice between a white or whole-wheat tortilla will be filled with black beans, apples, sweet potato, onion, spices, and brown basmati rice. This burrito packs one hell of a punch! Next up, their Roasted Veggie Quesadilla (Solo $9.50, Combo $12.50) comes straight at you with eggplant, onion, zucchini, peppers, spices, and brown basmati rice. Finally, their Chili Taco (Solo $4, Combo $11) is anything but ordinary. This delicious corn tortilla houses kidney, pinto, and black beans, garlic, onion, spices, carrots, celery, peppers, and mushrooms. We highly doubt you’ll miss (or even notice) the lack of meat in this hearty dish!

Each dish is also served with pico de gallo, salsa, and cheese. Fear not my lactose intolerant friends, the cheese can be substituted for guacamole. Their combo includes a choice of salad (quinoa or sprout) or chips and salsa with a drink. They make a delicious raspberry or regular lemonade in-house.

Along with their dedication to great food, Burritoville uses only organic, locally grown ingredients and they pride themselves on their use of recyclable materials as well as a compost heap (nowhere near the kitchen). They also host open-mic nights on Mondays for those budding Montreal artists.

Be sure to check out Burritoville as soon as possible. Your taste buds and overall well-being will definitely thank you.

2055 Rue Bishop, Montréal, QC H3G 2E9
(514) 286-2776

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