Written by Dahlia Merlo on 28.05.14

Can’t afford a vacation but long for the ocean? You don’t have to venture far to enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean right here in Montreal. La Sirène de la Mer will transport you to Lebanon with the tastes and flavours of the sea.

With their grand reopening on Monday, June 2, 2014, expect to be wowed by the beautiful and modern décor. The typical white tablecloth look just got a fresh new ‘do and we hope you’re as excited as we are.

As can be expected, La Sirène de la Mer’s specialty is seafood. With a poissonnerie (fish shop) to their name, you can be sure that every seafood item is as fresh as the day it was caught. Their fish is imported weekly and flown in by plane from different parts of the Mediterranean. Visit their poissonnerie connected to the restaurant and let their varied options inspire you to bring the Mediterranean home.

Start your meal with a Lebanese specialty salad, fattouche, piled high with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, crunchy grilled pita bread, and topped with lemon juice and sumac. You’ll never opt for a crouton again! Don’t leave La Sirène de la Mer without tasting their grilled calamari. Served with capers, red onions, and pickled bell peppers, we won’t be surprised if you lick the plate clean.

You can’t go wrong by ordering their fish of the day. They are experts in their field for a reason. Their fish is always fluffy and beautifully cooked with the chefs expertly whipping up the perfect seasonings to complement the dish. Not to be left out, the grilled octopus is cooked to perfection with a lemony twist.

A Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant would not be complete without its share of meat dishes. The lamb chop, served with fresh vegetables and grilled shrimp, is a popular menu item that keeps patrons coming back for more.

When looking for upscale Mediterranean fine dining, look no further than La Sirène de la Mer. Let the seafood experts guide you on your ocean getaway.

114 Avenue Dresden (Jean-Talon), Montréal, QC H3P 2B6
(514) 345-0345

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