Written by Jenn Ruvo on 10.09.15

Caffè San Simeon has brought authentic Italian coffee and culture to Montreal’s Little Italy since its inception in 1979. It is a beacon of light nestled on the charming Dante street, and arguably one of the best cafés in Montreal, pumping out coffee non-stop 7 days a week.

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San Simeon has coffee down to a science with the necessary equipment and precision required to ensure that each coffee is perfect! San Simeon is acclaimed for their smooth cappuccinos, velvety lattes, and creamy espressos that have great depth, making it enjoyable on its own or with a layer of milk foam (aka a machiatto). Coffee here is loved by the masses and pairs well with their popular pastries including chocolate filled bomboloni, fig-jam tarts, almond croissants, or simply morning toast topped with Nutella, or when Baristello feels really creative: butter, apricot and chile pepper!

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The city has gone crazy for cold brew, and we don’t blame them! When the weather is this hot, San Simeon is the place to be for an ice coffee on their temporary terrace. One of their signature cold coffees, created by Baristello himself, is best known as the perfect storm: iced espresso, slightly sweetened, covered with a micro froth of milk and sprinkled with cocoa (so good it will make your mouth trip!).

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While taking pride in their coffee is a forte, so is the personal service their kind and friendly baristas offer. The vibrant social life at San Simeon is present all year round and makes for a favourite hangout, especially during soccer games and events like the Grand Prix.

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It is quite simple, you can’t help but love this place, and the hordes of people stopping in for a quick coffee and chit chat are living proof!

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39 Dante, Montreal, QC H2S 1J6
(514) 272-7386

Photos courtesy of Piero Ciampoli (aka Baristello)

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