Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 31.08.15

It seems Montreal has embraced its love of all things food related as it seems every other week holds a “<Enter Food Item Here> Week.” Some stand out because of the originality of the food produced such as Poutine Week. Others stand out for their ability to showcase the very best of a restaurant for considerably cheaper prices such as MTL à Table. Le Burger Week doesn’t really fall into either of those categories. But what it does do, is showcase how mouthwatering a burger can be. No matter how good a 4:00am Big Mac seems to taste, it can never live up to the delicious creations Le Burger Week will showcase.


Starting September 1st until September 7th, Montreal will host this third incarnation in over 30 restaurants around the city. As with Poutine Week, people who partake in the event will be able to vote for their favorite burger through the Le Burger Week App which is already available on the app store. They will also be able to vote on the official site of Le Burger Week and can even win a new FitBit as part of a #LeBurgerSelfie campaign on Instagram. All that is good and fine, but what everyone wants to know is the standout burgers which will be available during the week, so here is a small preview.

Minced Maison de Burgers

Who’s Your Daddy Caveman Burger @ ART:BRGR. An ode to meatatarians everywhere with ribs, bacon, and black forest ham on top of a AAA patty with a whiskey and mango BBQ sauce.

Art Brgr

The 6 Pack @ Bar Brutus. Cheese curds wrapped in a beef patty wrapped in six full strips of bacon with fried onions and the works. Bacon is our favorite wrapping for presents so we are all for it!

Bar Brutus

The Korean Chicken Burger @ Brasserie Rachel Rachel. Korean fried chicken with kimchi and harissa mayonnaise will make most mouths wish for a little water as they down this devilishly spicy burger.

Brasserie Rachel Rachel

PORKBURGER @ La Bêtise. The (arguably) king of all pork products is the star as pork belly is combined with bacon and kimchi to make for a melt-in-your-mouth burger fit for all fans of swine.


The Red-Eye @ Fabergé. Ok, so maybe burgers can be original. This interesting sandwich showcases a patty with Siracha and peanut butter topped with an egg and onions. We aren’t sure what to think but anything with peanut butter at least deserves a taste.


La Trappiste @ Bistro des Bières Belges. A burger that sounds deliciously pretentious: beer braised pork cheek with bacon, fried enoki tomato comfit, and Swiss cheese in a squid ink bread.

Bistro Bières Belges

And that’s just 20% of the deliciously crafted burgers in store for us over the next week. Be sure to stay abreast of the full burger list when it officially comes out at the beginning of Le Burger Week 2015 on September 1st.

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