Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 27.05.15

Street festivals often bring big merchants publicizing their official products with promotional dollar store items. Though these types of festivals, like F1 on Crescent, are nice to visit, they often lack the local flair that makes Montreal a unique city. The Mile-Ex area is offering something different this year. Marché de Nuit is a monthly event that celebrates all things street in an intimate and local fashion: street merchants, street food, and street parties.

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The first Marché de Nuit will be May 30th and will feature a bazaar of small booths of people selling everything from upcycled jewelry to homemade jams. From the interesting and unique to the bizarre and questionable, these street merchants are well stocked. Speaking of food, the fleet of Montreal food trucks will be in full attendance. If the free samples of homemade foods don’t fill you up, then enjoy the delicious street foods that we rave about at each First Fridays. Expect to see some of your favourite tucks with all that handheld deliciousness.

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On May 30th between the hours of 2:00pm and 11:00pm, street culture will be celebrated at 6731 Avenue de l’Esplanade. Enjoy the music of handpicked DJs while you tour the merchant booths with food in your hands at Marché de Nuit. A perfect street fair… well, except the lack of alcohol. On that note, it should be mentioned that the festival is being held right outside Bar Alexandraplatz. The little industrial bar in a white brick space is rendered dark by its distinct lack of lighting. But who would go inside with its massive terrace and distinct craft beers?

If these types of familiar street fairs, full of local charm and excellent street fare, interest you, then stay posted for the announcement of the list of vendors, DJs, and food trucks.

6731 Avenue de l’Esplanade, Montreal, Qc H2V 4P9


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