Written by Jonathan Naccache on 12.06.15

Montreal’s homeless community has seen so much denial from both the government and their fellow citizens for decades. For many people, the homeless problem in Montreal is simply non-existent. Simply ignore them and they’ll disappear, right? False. Montreal is home to 20% of all the homeless community in Canada! A little over 30,000 men and women who are left to the harsh conditions of winter with no food or shelter. Social and political contexts aside, there is one thing we must retain: the problem is only growing. And it doesn’t benefit anyone.


Thankfully, many Montrealers are giving back and we’ve been seeing a growing trend in charitable actions. We recently spoke of Blankets for the Homeless and their food & clothing drives (check out the article and pictures here).Blankets for the Homeless‘ generosity has been spreading and many businesses are joining them in their crusade to help their fellow neighbours, notably local café San Gennaro and home delivery restaurant Chef on Call.

Chef on Call-Montreal

Chef on Call have even created a chicken burger they call “The Donator” just for the occasion. For every burger sold, $1 is donated to buying food and clothing for the homeless. “The Donator” will be contributing to Blankets for the Homeless for the whole month of June and it’s delicious: hand-breaded chicken breast patty, crunchy iceberg lettuce, Jalapeno & Cheddar Doritos, and a spicy homemade peppercorn garlic ranch sauce!


Additionally, Chef on Call will be picking up clothing donations on their delivery runs, letting you avoid the trouble and hassle of loading and unloading your car.

To make an order, simply visit their website, or check out their Instagram for some savoury photos!

Photos by Montreall.com


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