Written by Dahlia Merlo on 08.06.15

Labarake celebrated their 1st birthday and the launch of their new menu with style. The east end eatery was decorated in a style befit for a birthday party with black and white balloons (attached to complimentary chocolate rice pudding kits) spread over the wide space. Those of you who live in the East End, you have a gem in your midsts! Those of you who live further away, you should definitely consider making the trek. They really don’t disappoint!

Photo: Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii)

Wine was flowing and fruity cocktails were being passed around to media and invited guests. To satisfy the potential hanger from so many eager guests, canapés were distributed. The mushroom tartine with ricotta, arugula, and cherry tomatoes was a tasty treat. The first big menu reveal included the sucettes de thon, raw tuna cubes with avocado and soya caramel, which were fresh with a touch of sweetness. The fish and chips were delicious, with tangy tartar sauce for dipping. They were presented in finger food fashion, perfect for snacking while standing and mingling.

Photo: Bert Caluori

Later on in the evening, the piéce de résistance was served. A larger than life tray with goat cheese salmon, short ribs, and angus beef burgers was brought out. Instagram may have broken at that moment, as a flurry of bloggers, Instagramers, and photographers rushed to the gastronomical feast. While salmon may sound boring, they jazzed it up with goat cheese melted on top, and it all sat above papardelle pasta with swiss chard. The burgers were delightful, with thick-cut meat, caramelized onions, and pickle mayonnaise.

Photo: Bert Caluori

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was in full party mode, and the people were happy. What a way to celebrate a 1st birthday. If only all our birthday parties could be so fabulous. Check out Labarake on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news and updates on their delicious noms.

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