Written by Dara Larocque on 16.07.15

This summer, the McCord Museum, in collaboration with McGill University, will be paying homage to one of Montreal’s most unique photographers and his troubled but beautiful life. Running from June 9, 2015 to October 18, 2015 at the McCord Museum and McGill College Avenue, Marvin’s masterpieces will be on display as a visual testament to the working class roots of Montrealers. Marvin’s work documents the city as its urban landscape was evolving during the 60’s and 70’s. The very fabric of Montreal was becoming the city we now know and Marvin sought to collect these moments of beauty and decay.

David W. Martin Street Chronicles McCord Museum Montreal (6)

Marvin’s own life was one rife with personal struggle and tragedy: Marvin was orphaned and went deaf at the age of 10. After multiple surgeries left him completely deaf and with the use of only one lung, Marvin persevered and became a proofreader at the Montreal Star and wrote for Unity newspaper on one of the most recorded borroughs of the city, Griffintown. Marvin spent much of his time writing and photographing this part of the city throughout his career.

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Sadly, much of his work was lost to a fire after his death in 1975 along with images he produced of the city. The McCord Museum and historian Arwen Fleming, with the aid of Marvin’s son, were able to compile some 6,000 images of his work and display it all in the city as both a tribute to Marvin’s incredible work and Montreal’s evolving landscape.

For more information and ticket prices at the McCord Museum, please click here.

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