Written by Vanessa Perri on 02.03.18

Montreal welcomes a new and trendy gourmet bar to its nightlife scene and it goes by the name of Kemestrē, also pronounced “chemistry” for all you linguistic connoisseurs out there. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Kemestrē offers a unique feel with its panelled walls, which include embedded lighting, a lit up ceiling made up of molecular shaped fixtures, comfortable seating, and two 45 foot bars. The new age bar wanted to step away from the status quo and create the kind of environment that Montrealers need.

Kemestre Montreal 8

Kemestrē doesn’t only have one food menu, but three! You read that right. Their main food menu is made up of appetizers, which include oysters, calamari, and salmon tartar—just to name a few—salads, burgers, rolls, and tacos, homemade pasta, as well as their main dishes. They also have a dessert menu, which is made up of specialty desserts and coffees. Since the gourmet bar is open every day of the week from 12pm to 2am, they also have a late night menu for all of those late night cravings.

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Kemestrē takes us back to our high school science classes—in a fun way of course—by offering its clientele their exclusive mixology signature drinks. Based off of their very own periodic table, the gourmet bar knows what’s what when it comes to the art of mixing cocktail drinks. The chemistry between different types of alcohol is how the name of their bar came to be.

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Aside from their appealing downtown location, diversified food menus, and intriguing cocktails mixtures, Kemestrē also offers customized catering services across the city of Montreal for any type of event! Last but not least, the gourmet bar also hosts private functions where you and your guests will have the chance to savour a personalized culinary experience.

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So the next time you’re in Montreal’s downtown area and want to try something a little different, think of Kemestrē!

1488 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3G
(514) 931-1119

Photos courtesy of Kemestrē.

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