Written by Bert Caluori on 08.10.14

Recently, Labarake Caserne à Manger released their new fall menu. It is focused on seasonal ingredients and is a wonderful way to try out something new to begin the season.

Labarake Caserne à Manger is situated on Rue Rachel East just a few blocks west of St Michel, so in the Rosemont Petite Patrie area. Labarake makes a name for itself in an area lacking in quality places to eat. They are an ideal place for large groups but also great for a small and intimate dinner.

As for food, their new menu is quite impressive. Classic dishes like the fish and chips, tartares, and burgers can still be found on their menu. New creations like cod fritters ($12), scallops ($19), and the beef jowl ($24) add some tasty and fun treats to sample.

The cod fritters were served like lollipops but the taste was all grown up. Having a nice sample of seafood with such an impressive presentation is a great way to start off your meal.

Next up was the scallops with Iberian ham on top of a creamy cauliflower bed. The Iberian ham is a gourmet addition making the price point worth it if you want two great ingredients combined in a magical marriage.

The last item was the braised beef jowl., braised for 7 hours with puréed celery, red wine sauce, and chocolate. The beef jowls were incredibly tender and broke apart the moment you bit into it.

Labarake Caserne à Manger is a great bet that will make everyone happy. The menu has options and changes seasonally, making it a place where you can discover new delicious items every time you visit. They have a large capacity for groups and special events, ample parking with an adjacent lot, and an oyster bar and terrace in the summer.

For those who live in the East End, this is a perfect option for a neighbourhood treat. For those outside of the area, the food is well worth the trip to explore a new and exciting restaurant. Odds are your friends have not discovered Labarake Caserne à Manger yet, so use this as a hint to show them the ropes.

3165 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC H1W 1A3
(514) 521-0777

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