Written by Dahlia Merlo on 01.08.16

Pokemon Go launched not too long ago, but people are already obsessed with the game. Whether they’re millenials who grew up watching the iconic show, or kids who are just being introduced to the wonders of Pikachu and his gang, everyone is hooked.

PokeBus Tour Pokemon Go Montreal (4)

But are you having a hard time catching those rare Pokemon? Is Magmar evading you? Are you waiting to catch that Dragonite? We may have the solution, and it’s a lot more fun than finding cheat codes on the internet.

Drum roll please… Montreal now has its own PokeBus Tour! Starting August 6th, Montreal will be home to its very own Pokemon Go bus tour for all the fanatics out there. Big yellow school buses will be available for Pokemon Go players who want a ride through the city to catch some rare Pokemon, gain experience, and level up.

Downtown Montreal

Talk about a magic school bus (this reference is for you, millenials; don’t let us down)!

Each bus can hold about 45 players, so you can imagine how crazy each Pokemon hotspot stop will be! The energy in there will be unbeatable!

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There are 4 different routes to choose from: North, South, East, and West. Simple enough! Each route takes players to Pokemon hot spots that are known to have rare Pokemon. It’ll also take you to high density Pokestops, to gyms, and to some remote locations you wouldn’t normally think to go to.

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Each bus will have a Pokemaster who will share game knowledge. They’ll also make sure everyone knows which Pokemon are around and they’ll make sure to help players throughout the ride.

Poke-hunting can drain your energy and your battery, but don’t fear! The bus will have snacks, drinks, and battery power banks for your phone. Perfect to recharge fuel up for your next Poke-battle.

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The best part? The bus ride is only $10 and will last 2 hours. So you can catch rare Pokemon and gain some insight into the game without spending a pretty penny. It’s a Pokemon fan’s dream come true! Book your PokeBus Tour here. Good luck and happy playing!

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