Written by Imane Madi on 02.08.16

As many of you have noticed, we love our city. Montreal has a unique charm, and the restaurants and bars are a gem in here! If you ever find yourself wandering around Saint-Laurent Boulevard, you may be intrigued to find a bar when you look up (it’s located on the second floor of a building).We got intrigued, and we followed our gaze to explore this new bar.

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Following a red carpet and a trip up the stairs, we immediately got transported into a whole different vibe than the one that we were experiencing on the street.We appreciated the attention to detail, like the décor that was composed of various vintage items (old radios, church benches, wood pianos). If you are attracted by vintage décor and lament the lack of whisky bars in Montreal, then Bootlegger L’Authentique is definitely your new spot to try!

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With a choice of over 200 whiskies from around the world and a dramatic twist on classic cocktails (you must try the mojito), you won’t be disappointed.If you’re more of a beer person, the Death Valley beer is exclusively available and has a refreshing and crisp taste that is ideal for the summertime.

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And to top it all off, the older crowd and the electro swing music is a game changer. What caught our attention that night was the jazz band playing, the impressive bar selection, the coziness and kindness of the staff, and most definitely the very passionate and dedicated owner who took the time to go table by table to thank people for their presence.

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A big plus is the fact that they serve their whiskies with whisky stones with their logos engraved on them. When you want your drink to be well chilled without being watered down, it is a must have. This attention to detail is another winner to us. Whiskey aficionados will be pleased!

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We’d love to see a restaurant menu based on whiskey-inspired recipes, but until then,Bootlegger L’Authentique is our new go-to spot for that whiskey craving!

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3481 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2T6
(514) 816-2403

Photos courtesy of Imane Madi (@miss_imane1) and Bootlegger L’authentique.

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