Written by Stephania Saridakis on 27.01.14

If you didn’t already know it was there, then you might not spot this Montreal café your first time around. Situated in the heart of the Plateau, Flocon Espresso is the younger sibling of the well-known Café Névé. Holding true to its reputation in high quality coffee beans and artisanal roasts, Flocon Espresso carries coffee from Canadian distributors such as those of Kittel and Pig Iron.

The lattes are one of the more popular items on the menu and are arguably one of the best in Montreal.

The narrow but welcoming corridor is the ideal spot for those on the go, looking for a superior caffeine fix. The space is filled by vintage décor and blue accents, which add a retro look. Although they do have two small communal tables set up, the seating is limited. However, the personal space provided invites a cozy atmosphere to study for those lucky enough to land a seat!

They also offer free Wi-Fi, so you can expect a student friendly space buzzing with the sound of people typing away at their laptops. If you’re the type of person who likes to snack, you’ll like their pastries or treats like their famous giant chocolate chip cookie or one of their various flavoured muffins and scones. 

781 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, QC H2J 1W8
(514) 903-9994

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