Written by Dahlia Merlo on 12.02.14

Walking down Saint-Paul Street, you may notice people lining up in a nondescript alley. There are no signs and no indication of where these people are going. Don’t make the mistake of walking by without a second glance; you’ll be missing out!

Flyjin brings the concept of a Japanese Izakaya to Montreal; it is essentially a Japanese supper club, but with a twist. It plays up on its exclusivity by not advertising or displaying flashy signs. Either you know it’s there, or you don’t.

The restaurant and bar are located through a hallway and down narrow stairs. The Asian décor is striking yet subtle, with paper lanterns over the booths, low lighting above the bar, and the happy Buddha making an appearance amidst the liquor.

Flyjin excels in both food and alcohol: the drinks are very original and the food is fresh with exceptional flavour. Enjoy the Stairway to Buddha with Cointreau, Glenmorangie, passion fruit purée and a whole cinnamon stick, lit up before serving, so you can enjoy the smokey cinnamon flavour with your sweet drink.

The restaurant boasts an amazing raw food selection, but if you have to pick just one, the Organic Salmon Sashimi is wonderful. The flavours and textures are incredible and each ingredient in the dish is distinct.

Make sure you stop by Flyjin for an incredible night of great house music, potent drinks, and delicious food!

417 Rue St Pierre, Montréal, QC H2Y 2M4
(514) 564-8881

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