Written by Jonathan Naccache on 05.03.14

Mayor Denis Coderre has been inspired by Montreal’s Nuit Blanche event, the closing ceremony held yearly for the Montréal En Lumières Festival. In fact, he was so impressed that he is now willing to condone pilot projects where bars would be allowed to stay open until 6:00am only in certain areas of the city.

While meeting with the 10 members of his executive committee this morning, Mayor Coderre brought up the topic and asked for a debate on the issue. He brought up the main issues that would need to be considered, mainly, questions on security, residential homes, and the noise issue. He also mentioned how it played a role in the life of a metropolis such as Montreal but that a project like this one must first and foremost never come at the expense of anyone.

The Mayor was pretty clear on his thoughts, which he believed to be shared by many. After his experience at Montréal En Lumières he thinks that, with some precautions, a project such as this one can be conducted safely and properly and will be representative of Montreal and the vibrant metropolitan that it is. He also thinks that Montreal is ready to bring up such a debate.

No mentions have been made in regards of the specific areas where this new project could take place.

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