Written by Natasha Vincelli on 30.11.16

The story of La Petite Garçonne: Chapitre 2, began not so long ago with the first instalment, Boutique 1861 on Saint Catherine. We’ve come to know and love the true elegance and class that encapsulates the fashion of 1861. This first boutique sought to revive the beauty of the Victorian Era with timeless feminine style and beauty.


The next chapter, La Petite Garçonne, opened on Saint Laurent, appealing to a different demographic, offering more androgynous and tomboy chic fashion with minimalist but equally elegant trends.


The newest addition to this story, La Petite Garçonne: Chapitre 2, just opened its doors a few steps away from its sister store. The same grace and sophistication can be found at their newest location, but as usual, the new boutique brings something fresh and new to the family. The newest chapter focuses more on a neutral fashion palette, which is great because everyone looks good in neutrals, and they’re appropriate for every season.


Walking into the newest boutique feels like walking into the coziest dream closet: a cute couch in the corner and hats hug up along the wall. The best part about the new boutique is that it offers more jewelry, home décor, scarves, and accessories than its counterparts. You’ll find a cute selection of earrings, rings, candles, tea cups, soaps, pillows, and much more!


The essence of the first Petite Garçonne boutique is a somewhat older and more sophisticated look. The new, younger sister boutique exudes comfort and fun.


Great news, no matter what you’re in store for, all the shops are walking distance from one another on Saint-Laurent! There’s something a little different in each one, but no matter where you stop, you’ll find something unique, refined, and stylish.


Go say hi to the newest member of the family; she’s wild, fun, and excited to meet you!


3654 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2V4
(438) 387-1862

Photos by Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash).

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