Written by Dahlia Merlo on 28.01.16

If you haven’t heard of Claptone, you won’t be the only one. But what you may have heard is some of his incredible deep house music while partying in Montreal’s nightlife scene. Take “No Eyes,” for example. If you haven’t heard this song in your nightly romps around town last summer, then you need to get out more.

Claptone is known internationally, having played at numerous international music festivals, like Ultra Music Festival. He calls his live shows Claptone Immortal Live. Sounds enticing!

Claptone Montreal Ecole Privee

Claptone, however, is a man of mystery. Like other DJs before him, he chooses to hide his face from the public. Fangirls, you won’t be able to follow him home (sorry!). What does he have to say about his mask? In an interview with Magnetic MagClaptone says:

“We all wear masks which enable us to communicate with other mask-wearing people. These masks can be changed, but they can’t be taken off. They are part of our very self, facets of our persona. But there’s no persona without a mask.”

Claptone Montreal Ecole Privee (1)

It’s interesting that he chooses to wear the bird-like plague mask of yesteryears (didn’t know that that’s what it was, did you?), but maybe we can ask him about that this weekend. Because Claptone is coming to Montreal!

On January 31st, head over to École Privée for an intimate Sunday evening show, just for you, Montreal! Try to spy who’s under the mask, or simply enjoy the music (that’s what we’ll be doing!).

École Privée Montreal (2)

We’ll be looking forward to hits from his upcoming full-length album, Charmer. Will you be at École Privée this Sunday?

1 Rue Milton, Montréal, QC H2X 1V1
(514) 558-1738

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