Written by Natasha Vincelli on 16.06.17

In light of international picnic day this Sunday, we spoke with picnic guru Chef Justin Kent about what makes the best picnics! We’re going to talk picnics, give you some cocktail ideas, and get you stoked for the summer that has but just begun in Montreal.

Justin Kent is a Franco-American chef that has been living in Paris for 6 years now where he runs “Picnics Paris” – an elevated picnic experience where he prepares his clients an authentic, locally sourced, Parisian meal set among the wonderful landmarks of Paris! So let’s be clear – this guy knows what’s up!

Internationall Picnic Day x Justin Kent (2) cred: AR

So what makes an elevated picnic experience, we asked? Chef Justin said: definitely using high quality, fresh, local ingredients that can speak for themselves. Justin worked at a Michelin 3-Starred restaurant, L’Arpege, for many years, a restaurant that used ingredients brought in fresh from the market each morning! Since then, he has continued to bring that philosophy to the table at both his restaurant and to his varying picnic menus. He also says, using real dishware creates an elevated experience as you are giving the fresh ingredients a true vessel to reflect their quality.

Internationall Picnic Day x Justin Kent (3) cred: AR

But when it came down to it, Chef Justin nailed it: all you really need for a great picnic is a blanket, some cheese/charcuterie, fresh, bright ingredients, and a drink to wash it all down. If you travel a lot, you know that picnics are the poor man’s option when restaurants can get too expensive. So this weekend, grab some treats at the market, find a cozy spot, share the company of others, and ‘vive la parisienne!’

International Picnic Day x Justin Kent (5) Cred: Grey Goose Canada

Chef Justin is collaborating with Grey Goose this summer, as kindred spirits that share the same farm-to-table – farm-to-bottle philosophy. Grey Goose also uses only the finest ingredients in their vodka which, as the bedrock of your drink, shapes the taste of your cocktail. A fantastic addition to your cocktail roster this summer needs to be “Le Grand Fizz” which is super light, tangy, refreshing, and not terribly sweet! And, bonus, you can do it with any Grey Goose flavour vodka you want!

International Picnic Day x Justin Kent (6) Cred: Grey Goose Canada 1


1 ½ Parts GREY GOOSE vodka
1 Part ST-GERMAIN elderflower liqueur
2 Parts chilled soda water
½ Part freshly squeezed lime (Approx 2 wedges to taste)

Grab a blanket, grab a drink and live your best summer life yet!

Photos by Ashley Rose PR (@arose_pr) and Grey Goose Canada.

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