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Want to learn new skills, have fun, and let out some aggression ALL under one roof?

What Are Combat Sports?

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Sport de Combats is an amazing facility with a RAGE CAGE, archery lessons, combat archery, axe/knife throwing, NERF battles, and coming soon, a riddle room! This place is an amazing fun way to spend time with friends while participating in fun activities. Regardless of your activity level or experience with any of the activities, Sport de Combats has incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff who ensure your safety and provide excellent instruction to make sure you have a successful and fun time.

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With certified archery instructors, we were given personalized lessons and tips while we mastered the art of the bow and arrow. We cannot stress how friendly the staff are, they really want to make sure you’re having a fun time and are ready to answer any questions.

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In addition to testing out the archery, we got a chance to try out the RAGE CAGE. After getting suited up in our safety equipment, we were given bats and connected our phone to the speaker so we could let out our aggression to the music of our choice. A variety of rage cage packages offers you different things you can smash. From bottles, ceramics, and DJ equipment, you can even bring in your own stuff to smash in the rage cage. A truly excellent way to get out any aggression and an AMAZING WORKOUT. We were definitely sweating and our heart was racing.

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While we were in the rage cage, there was a NERF BATTLE for a young boy’s birthday party. The kids were having a lot of fun and it’s a great activity for an adult work-party or a team building activity. This activity has teams against one another using NERF blaster guns and foam darts around an arena filled with inflatable obstacles. While running around, dodging, and firing off foam darts, teams can strategize to destroy their competition (in a friendly manner, of course).


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Open from 5pm – 10pm during the weekday and 12pm – 10pm during the weekend.

For Who?

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Sports de Combats is very accommodating to different groups sizes and different ages. From children to adults they can cater to corporate/team building events, birthday parties, and private events. If booking 3 weeks ahead of time, they can also send in a request for a liquor licence so you can have your very own alcohol to the event. They welcome you to bring your own food and also offer catering services. The next time you’re thinking of having an event, big or small, Sports de Combats should definitely be considered.


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The cost depends on the group/activity and for how long you would like to participate in the activity. Sports de Combats has been generous enough to give Montreall.com readers a 20% of discount using the Promo Code “Montreall” when reserving an activity.

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For more information about individual activities and cost, please go to the Sports de Combats website.


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Conveniently in the plateau, there is ample parking and public transportation that can get you to Sports de Combats. We even had a fun adventure Bixing (there are many Bixi stands around).

5335 Casgrain Ave, Montreal, QC H2T
(514) 613-3894

Photos by Sports de Combats and Anali Maneshi (@pinatasmasher).

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