Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 07.04.15

The burlesque style has been making a wonderful comeback in Montreal. However, few of these establishments consider the flip side of the western genre: the cowboy. Jack Saloon Vieux-Montreal, the old port location of the franchise, has combined the rustic sexiness of a cowboy with the devilish allure of a burlesque madam. Aged virgin wood is seamlessly melded with alabaster white and obsidian black patterns. The entirety of this beautiful location was custom made to order, and the difference is obvious. Built within a historic old port building, the restaurant can already pack in 500 people inside the main floor eatery and basement lounge. This summer you’ll see it grow with a terrace on both De la Commune and Saint-Paul, perfect for a riverside drink or a break while exploring historic Montreal.

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With a DJ on the De la Commune floor spinning classic and 70’s rock, and live bands on the Saint-Paul floor, there is always something good to listen to and watch. They have been lucky enough to host quite a few intimate concerts with notables such as Jonas and Eric Lapointe. In fact, they host a variety of events and soirees and have a fantastic bar-to-customer ratio which means no waiting around. It’s perfect because their drinks are both potent and deliciously creative. Imagine an Old Fashioned that doesn’t make you cringe from the overwhelming alcohol taste. Jack Saloon figured out how by adding apple cider to the mix: dangerously tasty. Jack’s next event is the Maple Brunch on April 12th and will cap their Maple Festival. Which brings us to our next topic: eating.

Their meals tend to be refined western food. With excellent plays on salmon and tuna ceviches, as well as beef tartare combining crunch, freshness, and just enough citrus to spark the flames of flavour, the chefs add a touch of class to a menu that is hearty in meat and fried foods. Their ribs are a rarity and they depend on a strongly flavoured rub and fall-off-the-bone cooking. Similarly, their full chicken wings are not drenched in sauce but instead sprinkled with a serenely spicy sauce.

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Their meaty mains also standout with offerings such as a subtle jalapeño mole filet mignon, a killer chimichurry skirt steak, and a maple infused salmon steak. Amongst all the food we were lucky enough to try were two incredible offerings that hooked us in as repeat customers: onion rings and mac & cheese. The smoke infused onion rings were thickly battered and lightly glazed in a sweet BBQ sauce. These were the Tiffany & Co. of onion rings. Each one was a hand-crafted masterpiece of deliciousness. And yet, they still pale to Jack’s mac & cheese. We’re not entirely sure, but they may very well have melted an entire block of cheese into that casserole. Topped with extra salty homemade chips, this was easily one of the best we have tasted.

Its dirty-sexy décor makes the Saint-Paul floor an excellent place to have a meal and drinks with friends. Its wood and baroque De la Commune lounge is a great location to catch a live show in an intimate space. Finally, their terraces will be perfect to take a break from the much anticipated blistering heat of Montreal’s summer. No matter when you find yourself in Jack Saloon Urbain, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time with great staff, wonderful food, and a unique ambiance. And don’t forget the Maple Brunch on April 12th; we’ve already got our places reserved!

262 Rue Saint Paul E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G9
(514) 564-7980

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