Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 30.03.15

Smokehouses seem to have become Montreal’s newest addiction. With a flurry of places making pulled pork, brisket, and St-Louis style ribs, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out. However, Le bOucan does just that. If smoke is an art-form, then bOucan is a master, because the food that leaves this kitchen is nothing short of incredible each and every time. The menu is small, but what they do produce is like a magical piece of meat that has been infused with deliciousness covered in saucy extravagance. Ok, so we like their food.

Le bOucan has great pulled pork, possibly the best in the city. It comes in sandwich form topped with crunchy coleslaw ($15) or in poutine form ($9 or $15). The poutine stands alone beautifully. It has an interesting balance of brown gravy and barbecue sauce such that the pulled pork and French fries become equally delicious. Beware the “Reg” sized poutine though… it’s really more like a platter of poutine. It will take at least 2-3 beers to finish one of those. But no one would complain with the great selection of beer that Le bOucan has to offer, including the Montreal exclusive Bierbrier ($6.25). You may get a free round if you contribute to their big wall of money. With easily over 40 bills from countries around the world, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.


Of course, Le bOucan also has a fully stocked bar and excellently capable bartenders with the know-how to make anything from scratch. They are one of the few restaurants who serve a legitimate Caipirinha ($12). Their Bull Caesar is another amazing choice, throwing away the dried meat that some put on their Caesar and adding a beautiful rib ($15).

Le bOucan is a wonderful place to eat, drink and enjoy yourself! Just don’t expect to go out dancing afterwards. That wonderfully smoky food will weigh heavily and may, if not properly shared, lull you into a food coma. The perfect example would be the “Pit Boss” platter ($45). Complete with BBQ Chicken, Famous Pork Ribs, and pulled pork, the platter is best ordered with at least one or two people to share with. However, it is the perfect way to taste much of what this magnificent ode to smoke can produce.


Of course, for those who want to eat lighter, there is also Mac N Cheese with delicious bacon ($8), Cajun shrimp ($11), or wonderfully cheesy nachos with the essential option of adding pulled pork ($15). And if a lighter meal is wisely chosen, then you may just have yourself a dessert. And who could blame anyone for eating a Bacon Brownie ($7)? Not us. It’s that combination everyone suspected would be delicious but no one dared to do themselves. Salty, crunchy bacon mixed into a decadent chocolate brownie. It’s a wonder people don’t skip right to these. Of course, there is also the Buttermilk Pie if you prefer a sweeter variety of dessert ($7).

Le bOucan is a treat best enjoyed with friends. Have a drink, watch the Habs and have great conversation over some amazing food. Just be prepared to sleep that night, because if the drinks don’t get to you, the flavour overload will.

1886 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1M6
(514) 439-4555

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