Written by Vanessa Perri on 16.11.18

Six short years ago, you probably didn’t give your burger much thought. Since then, the Foodtastic restaurant group brought you a lively, laid back burger bar that quickly became famous for its flavour-packed burgers, craft cocktails, and local beers, along with a décor that make many feel nostalgic.

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With its largely inspired 1970s punk and alternative rock ambiance, La Belle et La Boeuf has seen an immense growth, opening up an average of two new restaurants a year within Quebec. Each location is conceptualized by the burger bar’s brand co-owner and head designer, Jacques Gaspo.

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The restaurant’s design is based on memories from Gaspo’s adolescence, bringing his love for 70’s rock, skateboarding, snowboarding, anarchy, and rebellion to life. At every location, you can find anarchist symbolism on the walls, bookshelves filled with 70’s records, and furniture we never thought we’d see again. The restaurant’s ambiance and décor bring different types of people together and ultimately aims at catering to all.

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And did we mention the menu—especially its drool worthy burgers? La Belle et La Boeuf‘s burgers are made with Certified Angus Beef and quality ingredients, which took two years of research to find the best combinations. Beyond their famous burgers, you can also find a variety of what we like to call “comfort food” choices such as, tasty poutine options, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac n’ cheese dishes, salads, veggie burgers, and poke bowls. 

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Their desserts are also worth mentioning: From their Nutella s’mores dip to their fried doughnuts served with chocolate and caramel syrup as well as their smoothies, milkshakes and sundaes, it’s safe to say that La Belle et La Boeuf really does have a tempting menu that’s too hard to resist!

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We can’t forget to mention their cocktail and spirits menu that offers a large selection of beers, wine, whiskey, scotch, gin—and the list goes on! They also have over 50 craft cocktailsthat look and taste delicious.

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La Belle et La Boeuf’s 10th location is located in Boucherville. The 7,000 sq. foot location is larger than others, housing five separate rooms—each unique in décor and ambiance. From their family room, to their solarium, terrace, second floor private “après-ski” lounge, and their main bar room, the burger bar’s Boucherville location is able to cater to various events and occasions.

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So whether you are looking for a fun night out with friends, some quality time spent with family, a lively 5à7 or even a date night, think of La Belle et La Boeuf!

1165 Rue Volta, Boucherville, QC J4B 5L2
(450) 641-4800

Photos by La Belle et la Boeuf.

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