Written by Montreall.com on 05.10.23

Continuing with its annual initiative, La Belle et la Boeuf is rallying the troops in an effort to beat breast cancer. They’ve partnered with The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to donate a portion of their sales for the month of October. Every time you order one of their signature burgers with the vibrant pink bun, La Belle et la Boeuf will make a donation to support breast cancer research.

Not only can you eat burgers for a good cause, but you can have cocktails too! They’ve teamed up with Brasseur de Montreal’s Petite Bourgogne to offer their non-alcoholic beer at the restaurant. They’ve also crafted a cocktail in collaboration with Pink Whitney called “Montre-Moi tes Bulles.” For the mocktail selection, they’ve created “La Belle en Rose” for your non-alcoholic pleasure. The purchase of any of these beverages will help support the cause.

This promotion will be available at all 16 of their locations. Their goal is to surpass last year’s donation, which was a whopping $30,077! How many burgers can you eat to help them reach their goal?

To make the whole thing even more fun, they’ve brought back their game “Montre-Moi tes Boules.” What is that, you say? When you make a separate donation at the restaurant (other than your food and drink order), you have the chance to participate in a game to win an extravagant prize. All you have to do is chew some bubblegum and blow the biggest bubble you can! The biggest bubble will win the prize. There will be one winner per restaurant, which means you have 16 chances to win! Now off to visit all 16 locations and practice our bubble gum blowing skills…

This October, make a difference and have a fun night at the same time. Order a pink burger, a pink drink, and feel good knowing you’re contributing to an incredible cause.

Photos courtesy of La Belle et la Boeuf