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Another year, another celebration. June 24th is a day no Québec resident can ever forget. Known as Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, le Saint-Jean, or La Fête Nationale du Québec, this day is not only a statutory holiday, but it is Québec’s National Day of celebration. Le Comité de la Fête nationale (CFN) announces that there will be more celebrations to look forward to, so if you haven’t decided how you’ll be spending your day off, we have some options for you!

The Saint-Jean Festivities will take place over two days (June 23 and 24). For its 181st edition of la Fête nationale, two major events include: le Grand Spectacle taking place on June 23, 2015 at Place des Festivals and the défilé de la Fête nationale (National Day Parade) taking place June 24, 2015 starting on Saint-Denis street. You can also expect neighborhood parties and the return of a regional show in Laval.  

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Le Grand Spectacle

Le Grand Spectacle is Montreal’s annual free outdoor concert. In previous years, Le Grand Spectacle was held right after the National Parade, but this year they decided to do things a little differently. This year, Le Grand Spectacle is held on June 23, 2015 at Place des Festival. The concert, filled with big names like Québec musicians Ariane Moffatt, Daniel Bélanger, Isabelle Boulay, Marie-Pierre Arthur, and Boucar Diouf, begins at 9:00pm and is hosted by comedian Louis-José Houde. There will also be pre-show events beginning at 6:30pm, which include shows from Patrice Michaud and Bodh’aktan. If you’re really up for it, there is an after show until midnight with Montreal DJs and a lot of room for dancing! The entire concert and its events will all be in French.

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Défilé de la Fête nationale (National Day Parade)

The 2015 edition of the National Day Parade begins at 1:00pm on June 24, 2015 at the corner of St. Denis and Boucher. The traditional parade will head south to end at the corner of Sherbrooke Street. The parade should last roughly two hours. Organizers hinted that surprise gifts will be handed out to onlookers who get there early.

The theme of the Fête national parade is “Le Québec, une terre où il fait bon vivre!” which in English means “Quebec, a land where life is good.” The event will present a poetic and fantastic interpretation of three components that make up this “green” parade: the Quebec soil, its skies, and its fertile creativity.

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This year the parade will be broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada at 5:00pm accompanied by Élyse Marquis and Didier Lucien, as well as historian Éric Bédard. You can also catch what went down at le Grand Spectacle later on in the evening.

More than 1,500 people will participate in this 172-year-old tradition, filled with music, dancing, and a lot of fun! It is something you definitely want to be a part of, so grab your national colours and participate!

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Local and Regional Parties in Montréal and Laval

Join the people of Québec on June 23 to 24 for non-stop partying named “8 millions d’étincelles,” or “8,000,000 sparks” in English. Many different events will be taking place at both local parties in different neighborhoods of Montréal and at the regional show in Laval on June 23, 2015.

You can expect no less than a hundred public activities, and the best part is that they’re all free! Activities include: fireworks, bonfires, family activities, intercultural cuisine, and shows filled with Québec’s stars.

Visit their website for all the information you need to celebrate la Fête nationale the right way!

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