Written by Gianna Zappitelli on 30.10.15

When it comes to satisfying nostalgic yearnings for home-style grub, the boys from Le Cheese have seriously got us covered. For the month of November, Le Cheese decided to get as cheesy as possible, and they want everyone to be a part of it. It’s time to get ready for 30 delicious ooey gooey, melt your in mouth, already anticipating the next bite, grilled cheese sandwiches, all throughout the 30 days of November! Each day of the month will be dedicated to an individual gourmet sandwich, giving the hungry people of MTL a chance to try all the delicious grilled cheeses that they can possibly imagine.

Le Cheese 30 for 30 Montreal Monkland (2)

The excitement doesn’t end there: Le Cheese wants you, the public, to vote in your suggestions as to which delectable sandwiches will be part of the 30 for 30. All you have to do is submit your suggestions via Twitter using the hashtag #betweentwobreads with @lecheesetruck or via email at [email protected].

Le Cheese 30 for 30 Montreal Monkland (7)

The 30 for 30 menu is not one to be reckoned with. Starting the month off is, “Le Mac Attack,” a grilled cheese that has mac’n cheese literally oozing out of it. “Le Batman” is a bacon, tomato, and avocado grilled cheese, and we all know that anything with bacon is a guaranteed win. With 28 more cheesy delights to go, we’re not expecting anything short of comfort food perfection.

Le Cheese 30 for 30 Montreal Monkland (4)

We know what your thinking, you’re so excited to try all these awesome new recipes but you don’t know how you’ll get to the wonderful west end of good ol’ MTL. Luckily, all this fretting will get you nowhere because the Le Cheese boys are always one step ahead of us: they have collaborated with Uber so that everyone can get their carb loaded fix as fast and efficiently as possible. Punch in the promo code lecheese30X30 in your app (if you do not have the app we highly suggest that you get on the uber bandwagon asap) and you’ll get 2 free rides of up to $10 to and from the casse-croute. Just to show you how much they love Uber users, Le Cheese will offer an extra 15% discount off your purchase: talk about top notch service!

Le Cheese 30 for 30 Montreal Monkland (1)

Join us at 5967 Monkland Avenue, and follow Le Cheese on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to not miss a single bite of this cheesy revolution.

Bon appétit!

Photos courtesy of Le Cheese.

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