Written by Tanya Kupelian on 17.04.14

Le Cheese’s food truck is not hard to miss in the summer. Big, bright canary yellow with their navy blue “Le Cheese” logo stamped everywhere. Their chalk board menu is visible on the side of the ordering counter. So what’s Le Cheese? Simple. Started by a group of friends who love to cook, Le Cheese’s aim is to highlight local Quebec cheeses through simple comfort food. Maneuvering it’s way through the streets of Montreal in the summer, Le Cheese does it all: private events, festivals and even keeps active in the winter by serving their food at a pop-up shop, better known as Cosmos. Cosmos is a tiny breakfast spot on Sherbrooke West.

The owners of Le Cheese visit Cosmos religiously. One day, they asked the owner if they can rent out the joint once breakfast hours are over. Cosmos agreed and it was a match made in heaven. This way, clients of Le Cheese can get the perks of enjoying their cheesy goodness in the winter as well. Le Cheese’s menu changes from time to time depending on the chef’s creativity, obviously using cheese in every recipe! However, there are some staple goodies on the menu such as their famous mac n’ cheese, gooey grilled cheese, decadent philly cheese steaks, cheesy tater tots and last but not least their ever so great deep fried cheese cake with strawberry hot sauce drizzled on top.

The convenience that comes with a pop-up shop is the fact that customers can order their comfort food to-go. Ever heard of a mac n’ cheese to-go pizza box? Le Cheese members got inspired for this idea by taking a trip to the US. It looks as cool as it sounds. The other thing that is great about a tiny pop-up shop, is the fact that it is intimate. The kitchen is located in the same room as the eating bar. Le Cheese members can interact on a personal level with their clients this way. They love to hear the feedback of their cooking creations. Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that it is cash only! Just like all the food trucks.

Open from 9:00pm to 3:00am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Cosmos. That is where you will find Le Cheese in the winter. As for the summer, you will have to keep an eye out for it or simply use the food truck map. Visit their Facebook page or their website for a cheesy musical treat and more information! For decadent cheesy goodness, Le Cheese is your one stop truck!

5843 Sherbrooke St W. (Cosmos)
9pm- 3am every Thursday/Friday/Saturday

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