Written by Jonathan Naccache on 06.04.14

Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann is quite the celebrity amongst Plateau locals. This little bakery with heart is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Those who do instantly become adamant followers and Kouign Amann ambassadors. This hole in the wall believes in quality versus quantity, with only a few, but delicious, options to pick from. For the Kouign Amann newbees, we will make it easy for you, everything is good and we highly suggest that at some point in time you taste it all. Kouign Amann, the name, actually refers to a Breton cake, their specialty. It consists of a round and crusty butter cake, tender on the inside and flaky on the outside. You must also try their almond croissant, butter croissants and raspberry pastry. We put special emphasis on their almond croissants. If you’re lucky you can catch it straight out of the ovens, warm and flaky, it will melt in your mouth (ask if they have a fresh batch coming up). Their excellent coffee comes highly recommended, but it’s hard to beat their fresh fruit juice, simply one of the best! Kouign Amann is a colourful and cozy bakery, limited in size and easy to miss even when you’re looking for it. Once inside you can see straight into the kitchen, where hard at work bakers turn dough into golden flaky goodies. The staff is delightful and welcoming. Grandma’s kitchen for the whole neighbourhood, that is the feeling you will walk out with.

322 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, QC H2T
(514) 845-8813

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