Written by Ania Szneps on 03.08.17

Scott Listfield’s work has been described as having an eerie quality to it thanks to his sharp observation of the world around him and what its current state means to every generation, from the past to the future ones. Themes explored range from how the present has failed to live up to the past’s expectations, what forces drive the world today, and just how desolate our landscape is going to become.


Throughout all his pieces currently on display at Station 16 Gallery (until August 5th), which all feature various backgrounds and interpretations of the world as it is now as well as how it will most likely be, the figure of the lone astronaut gazing at this world we have created remains unchanged.


As viewers, we find ourselves observing and looking to another, a familiar figure who still retains an alien quality due either to the space suit which indicates a foreignness beyond our understanding, or the fact that this is someone presumably from the future who is dressed in a way that seems totally iconic and unchanged by time.


What’s more striking is not the figure itself but rather the fact that this astronaut is exploring a world that was once thriving, or is visiting strange alien lands without comment, without giving us the slightest hint of how we are meant to react.


Listfield mixes the natural with urban landscapes in a way that perfectly encompasses the uneasiness felt between the two worlds; the large whale feels cramped and out of place in the graffiti-covered docks, and why the hell is that goose in a bubble? But these sights are never elaborated on, which gives viewers the opportunity to create their own uncomfortable dialogue between these two worlds.


Despite this trend, Listfield’s work is anything but doom and gloom; whether they’re references to video games, pop culture, or an homage to street art itself, Listfield still adds plenty of fun into each piece that gives it a lighthearted and nostalgic quality.


Whatever the conclusion of this conversation may be, it’s clear Listfield explores the topic of our world and ideals with love, something that is felt when looking at the striking picture from a distance to the fine brushstrokes still visible on the finished pieces.


So whether you’re environmentally conscious, a fan of sci-fi, or like to look at art that makes a point, don’t miss this opportunity to check out Station 16’s latest exhibition.


Photos by Ania Szneps (@doughboy.89).

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