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5 years, 18 events in 4 countries, and more than 50,000 yogis united as one. We’re talking about none other than the Lolë White Tour. Every year, the Lolë White Tour unites thousands of people in different cities for a one-of-a-kind yoga session dedicated to peace.

About Lolë Women

Lole Women

Lolē (Live Out Loud Everyday) was born in Montreal and is known for combining fashion and practicality in their feminine styles, which move with women as they’re on the go. Lolë believes that wellness is a lifestyle. Their styles range from clothes for yoga & pilates, to running and fitness apparel, to lifestyle and travel clothing, and beachwear as well. Aside from being on the road with their Lolë White Tour, they are also known for their Yellow Label, their Meet-Ups and their 21-Day Wellness Challenge.

About The Lolë White Tour

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This year, the Tour’s Yoga & Meditation event will take place at the Jacques-Cartier Pier in Montreal’s Old Port on Saturday, August 12th. The event unrolled its yoga mats for the very first time, in Montreal, back in 2012. In 2016, 7,003 people came together for one beautiful yoga and meditation session, which took place under Montreal’s setting sun. This year, the Lolë White Tour is back for a daylong event! Participants have the option to attend the morning session, the afternoon session, the evening session, or all three.

The morning session’s lineup includes yoga with Nadia Bonenfant and Selena Isles and afterwards, meditation with Dawn Mauricio. Live music will follow with Montreal-native BEYRIES.

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The afternoon session includes a “Mandala” Breathing Session with Annie Langlois. This session only had 300 tickets available to participants, so at this point, the tickets are sold out for the afternoon session. For those that were able to snag some tickets to this all-new addition to the Tour, get ready to experience a newfound form of intimate openness and communication.

The evening session’s lineup includes yoga with Geneviève Guérard and Andrew Bathory and later, meditation with Dawn Mauricio. Live music will once again follow with BEYRIES.

Lolë White Done Right

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The ticket prices, for the morning and evening sessions, range from $44 to $130, all depending on which experience you choose out of the four that are offered. The prices for all four experiences include the yoga session of your choice, a free Lolë yoga mat, a gift bag (which includes lots of goodies), and a Lolë promo card. If you choose the VIP experience, you’ll have access to more perks and gifts, such as a PANDORA Essence signature bangle.

Once the venue opens its doors, you will have the chance to roam around, browse the numerous kiosks, and take your Lolë-themed photos. You will then pick a spot where your Lolë yoga mat will be waiting for you. Little tip: pick your spot on the Pier before beginning to roam around, especially if you’re with a bigger group of friends. The spots fill up rather quickly and you want to make sure that you get to experience your yoga session with your friends/fellow yogis.

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The event is for participants of all levels of yoga. The main instructors will be up on center stage and you may not be able to see them from far, but don’t sweat it! There will be other instructors and many volunteers available to help you out.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress all in white as a symbol of peace. The Lolë White Tour is sure to be a yoga experience you’ll never forget.

Photos courtesy of Lolë White Tour.

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