Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 02.02.17

Come one! Come all! To Quebec’s number one culinary attraction! La Poutine Week has now toured the world and is on its fifth year back in Quebec. It has us all ready and willing to drive from restaurant to restaurant enjoying everyone’s favorite cheat meal: poutine. La Poutine Week starts on Wednesday February 1st and ends the 7th and this year they are expanding outside of just Montreal and Quebec City.

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50 restaurants will be participating in the Montreal area while more than 100 will be creating original poutines across Quebec. Never before have we had the opportunity to eat so much delicious poutine in such a quick amount of time.

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Before we dive into the countless poutine standouts which have been announced, there is another new addition to this year’s iteration of La Poutine Week. Foodora, the Uber of food, has sponsored La Poutine Week.

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That means that finally, our dream can come true: all the poutines found around the city can finally come to us! Furthermore, they are offering new clients $10 off with the promo code POUTINE. Enough said: where is our poutine?!

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Among the amazing sounding poutines coming soon, none sounds as interesting as Chez Chose‘s La Pecheresse. It includes seal tataki, smoked char, shrimp, and the staple fries and cheese curds topped by a béchamel sauce and jalapeños. Aside from the fact that this is a pretty unique opportunity to try seal in any form, that poutine sounds like some intense seafood goodness.

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On the other hand, if you’re looking for more Southern Comfort, then perhaps Pub BreWskey has what you are looking for with its La Big Easy. It is a Yukon Gold / sweet potato mix of fries with buttermilk fried chicken, smoked corn, cheese curds, Fresno peppers, and pickled tomatoes all covered in sour cream, beef stock, and beer sauce. As if that wasn’t enough of a heart-attack on a plate, it comes with house jalapeño cornbread. If New Orleans and Quebec had a baby that took the best of both worlds, it would probably look something like this. We are all in!

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Obviously, with more than 50 restaurants in Montreal, describing them all would be beyond us. We would inevitably run out of words for “I want this now please.” So instead, we will leave it to you to go out and discover the wonders of La Poutine Week on your own. They are all conveniently listed on La Poutine Week’s website for your browsing pleasure! Make a day of it and draw out a map of your poutine exploration as you discover Montreal’s 375th activities for its anniversary!

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Most of all, remember to vote on your favourites too! It’s how they know you care. About poutine. Which we all do. Very much! Vive le Québec!

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