Written by Stephania Saridakis on 28.01.14

Montreal has a great selection of boutiques and stores to choose from. However you might occasionally want to break away from the typical department store merchandise and discover a store or two that carry designer brands you might’ve never heard of.  After all you wouldn’t want to find yourself wearing the same button down shirt as the guy sitting across the bar. We’ve summed up some of the most distinctive stores in Montreal to guarantee you a pleasant shopping trip, which offers quality and craftsmanship without breaking the budget too much.


Rooney is a high quality, hip boutique located in the Old Port of Montreal. Don’t let the price points scare you away; they often have amazing sales, which in the long run are worth the investment, since everything is durable in terms of quality. The mood? Casual and minimalistic. Rooney also carries an interesting collection of sportswear with a classic and polished edge. Complementing their unique inventory Rooney also supplies accessories and grooming essentials great for the casual window shopper.

395 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H2Y 1V2
(514) 543-6234


Once residing in the Plateau, Heritage opted for a bigger location on Saint-Laurent Boulevard to display a larger selection of its timeless pieces of clothing.  The objective? Like the name suggests, this two-story vintage-inspired boutique carries exclusive brands from Asia as well as Sweden and Denmark, allowing you to “inherit” exclusive pieces that have been brought in by the owner and his travels around the world.

4357 Bd St Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z8 ‎
(514) 509-1675

Off the Hook

Situated in the middle of downtown Montreal, Off the Hook (OTH) is the place to go when you’re in need for a t-shirt fix.  You might miss it on the first try, since the sign is almost unnoticeable, almost purposefully, adding to the authenticity of the store’s exclusive nature. The subtlety is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. OTH is urban heaven for the laid back guy, carrying a rather large selection of street wear at affordable prices. This is the perfect spot to score the trendiest pair of Vans, Air Max, or even some of the best quality loafers in the city!

1021 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC H3B 1H1 ‎
(514) 499-1021

Savoie Fils

Savoie Fils shares its location with Café Myriade II (Café Myriade’s second location). Enjoy one of Montreal’s best-produced lattes while browsing through Savoie Fils’ unique storefront. Formally part dépanneur, there are still hints that remain in the decor including a beverage display. Here, you can expect to find basics as well as higher quality fashionable items. Savoie Fils is also a concept store, selling grooming kits, Opinel knives and even a few trinkets for man’s best friend.

Les Étoffes

This lovely establishment is run by a couple with an eye for style and simplicity. There is a very raw energy upon walking into the boutique that is reflected off of the clothing displayed by mannequins suspended from the ceiling. Carrying brands from designers all over the word, Les Étoffes brings together high quality pieces that will never go out of fashion. Some labels include: Naked and famous, Rag & Bone and Christophe Lemaire

5253 Bd St Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1S4 ‎
(514) 544-5500

Frank & Oak

Since establishing itself, Frank & Oak has made quite the name for their company. Known for their attention-to-detail designs, collections are updated monthly and are always on point and on trend, especially since Frank & Oak are responsible for curating their own merchandise. One of the biggest perks about subscribing to their online site? Having merchandise shipped to you monthly and only having to pay for the clothing you decide to keep. Great alternative for those who are more into a hassle-free shopping experience.

160 Rue Saint Viateur Est #613, Montréal, QC H2T 1A8 ‎
1(885) 376- 5625

The WANT Apothecary

Descendant of The WANT agency and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, The WANT Apothecary is settled in Montreal’s Westmount area on Sherbrooke Street. Although the boutique is sleek and modern, it mimics the style aesthetic of a 19th century drug store. It is an original concept brought in by twin brothers and owners who seek to provide an intimate shopping experience and high quality service. From international brands like Nudie Jeans and Acne to body and beauty products such as Aesop and Astier de Villatte, The WANT Apothecary is a one-stop shop to find everything you could ever want, from exclusive brands to accessories. Above all the shopping experience is one that’s truly authentic.

4960 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3Z 1H3
(514) 484-3555

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