Written by Erica Spina on 03.02.14

The Young Philanthropists’ Circle was created by the Museum of Fine Arts  in order to introduce young professionals to the world of cultural philanthropy. Hosting a series of events at the Museum of Fine Arts gives young professionals the opportunity to experience a night filled of art. Those who attend are introduced to different art exhibitions at the museum, allowing them to benefit not only from the great networking opportunity but to grow culturally from each event. This year the Museum of Fine Arts hosted an unplugged event to which The Young Philanthropists’ Circle were invited, it was called Splendore a Venezia. On January 16, 2014 the MMFA was decorated in elegance and richness, representing the Renaissance in Venice, with invited professionals and entrepreneurs aged 25-45, not only from Montreal, to come enjoy a night of masquerade fun.

     The nights organized are not only for artistic pleasure; they enable young professionals to get acquainted with each other and with Montreal’s cultural scene, elevating both their networks as well as the city’s cultural potential. The activities held by the Young Philanthropists’ Circle also serve to raise funds for the museum. This allows it to maintain its free admissions policy, expand its collections, preserve its wonderful cultural heritage, and become more recognized internationally through its exhibitions program. If you are a young professional or entrepreneur looking for a night out, then the events hosted by the Circle is what you’re looking for. Not only are these events a great excuse to get out there and get acquainted with people who share your interests, but you’d also be contributing to the Museum of Fine Arts, keeping its culture and history alive. For information on upcoming gatherings and membership visit their website.

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