Written by Julia D'Adamo on 30.06.17

The newest addition to the multicultural foodie scene of Saint-Denis street, the Halal Guys are gracing us with a second location in downtown Montreal! From their humble start as a food cart hailing straight out of New York City, the Halal Guys have risen to fame for their delicious halal grub. Thankfully, you don’t need to trek all the way to the Big Apple to try their tasty eats. With already one location on Mackay street right by Concordia University, they’re opening a second restaurant to give us double the deliciousness on Saint-Denis.

Halal Guys outside

The Halal Guys offer a variety of classic halal dishes stemming straight from their NYC roots. Their platters, a must-have on the menu, are filled with either chicken, beef gyro, or falafel. Try the chicken and beef gyro combo to get the best of both worlds and you will not be disappointed. We have a soft spot for the falafel plate too. The platters are filled with succulent meat, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, and flavourful, aromatic basmati rice. You can add any of their delicious toppings to your platter as well, like their hummus, baba ghanouj, and tahini.

halal guys montreal opening 4

All of their platters can be served as a sandwich too! As a side, the Halal Guys serve the crispiest golden fries to compliment your meal. Their prices won’t break the bank either, with sandwiches starting at just $7.29 and platters at $10.99.

Halal Guys Employees

Of course, you cannot even begin to talk about the Halal Guys without mentioning their signature sauces. Ask for their white sauce, or better yet, drench your entire platter in their white sauce to try the sauce that made the Halal Guys famous. While the ingredients are a well-kept secret, this tangy mayo-based sauce is sure to wow your taste buds. Want to kick it up a notch? Dare to try their hot sauce, a fiery, spicy addition to your platter that’s 20x hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

halal guys montreal opening 2

Leave it to the Halal Guys to find the coolest way for you to wash down your feast. Forget a boring fountain drink and pour yourself a drink from their state of the art Coca-Cola freestyle machine. This avant-garde soda fountain can pour out any combination of soft drink you can think of. For instance, fancy yourself a Coke? At the Halal Guys, you don’t need to get just a regular Coke; you can get it cherry, cherry vanilla, lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, or vanilla flavoured!! You can even get almost any soft drink in a low or no calorie option!

Halal Guys back terrace

Bonus: they’re open from 11am to 4am from Thursday to Saturday, and 11am to 11pm from Sunday to Wednesday. Praise late night eats! Extra bonus: check out our contest to win a meal a day at Halal Guys for a week on our Facebook and Instagram!

halal guys montreal opening 3

Can’t wait to feast on the Halal Guys for yourself? We don’t blame you, it’s halal (hella) good. Their new Saint-Denis location (along with their back terrace!) will officially be open on June 29th! Come and get your hearty dose of halal eats, white sauce and all.

halal guys montreal opening 1

1732 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3K6

1448 Mackay St, Montreal, QC H3G 2H6
(514) 933-8225

Photos by Julia D’Adamo (@montr.eat.all) and Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii).

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