Written by Alex Spina on 07.12.17

If you haven’t been to England or you’re dying to experience a classic style English pub, you have to get to Burgundy Lion. This pub is as traditional as it gets by ensuring the food and culture are properly represented.

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Located in St-Henri, Burgundy Lion offers an amazing spot for delicious food and drink. Their exceptional service and attention to detail separates them from other traditional style pubs that we may be used to. Their chefs continuously create new and exciting dishes that stay unique to the English culture. Aside from the delicious food, Burgundy Lion is continuously adapting and adding new and exciting ways to stay on top.

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As environmental awareness is increasing and the socio-environmental issues are continuously becoming of public interest, Burgundy Lion is making changes to help the cause. We had the opportunity to hear them announce that they will no longer be serving plastic straws with any of their drinks and will only be giving paper straws upon request. This small change will help have a big impact, diminishing the thousands of plastic straws used each day.

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Burgundy Lion is also adding a new and beautiful tearoom as well as an amazing and jaw dropping whiskey lounge. As tea is a major part of the English culture, they have added a beautiful four-season solarium that is open to the public upon reservation. The tea menu changes throughout the year to accompany Montreal’s weather conditions, and the tea provider they use is environmentally friendly. Two layered platters, one of sandwiches and one of savoury, accompany the tea. The tea is served in the finest bone china in true English fashion, which adds to traditional culture. Again, Burgundy Lion is expanding what they offer!

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The Scotch Room is something else. A dimly lit room located on the upper deck is truly inspiring. We are not your typically whisky connoisseurs, yet we still had an appreciation for what they were doing. Their new whisky program offers the largest whisky selection in the province and serves more single malt than ever before. They have developed public and private tasting for anyone and can be used upon reservation. The implementation of this room was to create a 25-seat private whisky and dining experience that is perfect for corporations, private events, and whisky tastings. Even knowing little about whisky, we were able to get a sneak peak of what they are offering and we loved every minute of it. All tastings are accompanied by Toby Lyle (the creator of the whisky list) or by another professional.

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As much change that has occurred inside Burgundy Lion, they still stay true to their identity making this pub even more exciting then ever before!

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2496 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1N5
(514) 934-0888

Photos by Burgundy Lion.

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