Written by Lexa Naguib on 03.02.14

Ambiance: casual, trendy, bumping
Service: 5 à 7, dinner, bar service, bottle service

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Rachel Rachel emulates the vibes of its up-and-coming district: hip and casual, but also chic. Leather upholstered bar, tall tables and dimmed lanterns come together to create a comfortable and trendy atmosphere, perfect for a 5 à 7 among coworkers or a night out with friends. On the menu: a fabulous combination of refined dining and comfort food Québécois style, with options varying from a jarret d’agneau braisé to a simple yet delicious plate of mac & cheese. For those seafood lovers, the huîtres Rockefellers are an absolute must. To get a true taste of Montreal, try the poutine au canard confit.  Whatever you may choose, Bob le Chef upholds his reputation in satisfying the palate, all while boasting his ability to mix overlooked flavors in a unique way. Be sure to check out the Vins et Bulles menu, which features an ample selection of wines ranging from $42 to $95.  For those staying out late, rest assured, Rachel Rachel exudes a different character following dinner hours. As the music gets louder, the place fills up and the party is set in motion. Head to the bar or enjoy the option of bottle service, the choice is yours. Whether you’re in search of a refreshing culinary experience or are looking for a place to share a few drinks with friends, head to Rachel Rachel and discover Montreal in a trendy way.

500 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC H2J 2H2
(514) 524-4446

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