Written by Jonathan Naccache on 04.02.14

Ambience: Family, vibrant, alive, wholesome.
Why: Everybody loves Nona’s dishes.
Must-have: The Porcini; mozzarella, porcini, roquette (arugula), olive oil.
Tip: Share pizzas and end it with an espresso and a tartufo.

Pizzeria Napoletana is definitely on our hidden treasures list. There’s something special about a business that’s able to satisfy your taste for good food all while bringing back fond memories of childhood and grandma’s precious home-cooked treats. Napoletana does just that, from their warm and lively environment to their feel-good dishes.

This authentic Italian restaurant offers a wide spectrum of varieties: 41 choices of pizza, 34 pastas, 17 antipastos, and 21 desserts. Their Naples-inspired pizzas emphasize quality and flavour thanks to a lovely thin crust dough and some of the freshest ingredients and cold cuts.  With such hard selections to make and an alternative for every taste the only suggestion we can give you is to share as much as you can and, in the spirit of enlightenment, try new things. Also, always finish with one of the best espressos there is along with a nice refreshing tartufo.  Pizzeria Napoletana also offers you the chance to purchase sauces and ground/fine coffee to go; yes it’s that good, you’ll want to take some home and pretend it’s your own magical recipe.

What makes Pizzeria Napoletana especially different is the conversation-sparking energy in the room. As of the moment you walk in, you know that you’re in Little Italy. The restaurant is casual and promotes a certain intimacy in its simplicity. You feel a certain love for food, family, and camaraderie as you wait to meet your server. Best yet, Pizzaria Napoletana is affordable for almost anyone. You will leave with a smile, a full stomach, as well as a full wallet.

189 Rue Dante, Montréal, QC H2S 1K1
(514) 276-8226

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