Written by Tamara Hussain on 15.09.18

Chef Thomas Di Donato welcomed us to a rare treat; to watch him cook like a pro in an open concept kitchen in front of a sold out room of diners for his first ever pop-up restaurant event.

pop up x gusto montreal 1

Pop Up x Gusto event is essentially a VIP experience where you get to sample decadent dishes in a new location. This particular pop-up event was on a Saturday night and lasted around 3 hours. In the chef’s own words, Food is life” and we couldn’t agree more!

pop up x gusto montreal 2

To start the night, we got to sample a crostini with roasted eggplant, pea, and zucchini bruschetta.  This was yummy and refreshing on a very hot summer night! For the second course, we enjoyed a generous serving of fresh cavatelli pasta in a porcini cream sauce, topped with shiitake gremolata and spicy giardiniera. This dish was decadent and comforting, with the right flavour balance between spicy and creamy, and was our personal favourite of the night!

pop up x gusto montreal 10

As a private chef and owner of Gusto catering, Chef Di Donato wants to launch a series of pop-up events, with a special 5-course menu. The concept behind these pop-up events is to have an exclusive night, held in a different location each time. The menu will be customized each time varying by theme and seasonal ingredients. It’s the perfect event for a date night, a celebration, or a night out amongst friends if you’re looking to try something different.

pop up x gusto montreal 5

To lighten things up and to ensure we keep room for the next 2 courses, we got a beet carpaccio topped with red onion, baby romaine and pineapple vinegar. For our fourth course, we devoured the oven-roasted chicken breast stuffed with pistachios and served with mustard mashed potatoes.

pop up x gusto montreal 6

Last, and just in time for dessert, we enjoyed a roasted banana panna cotta served with a chocolate tuile and creme brulée – perfect if you have a very sweet tooth.  Another interesting factor about these events is that it’s #BYOB (bring your own booze).

pop up x gusto montreal 8

The menu as a whole told a story, and what was most enjoyable was the balance of heavy dishes with lighter ones in a cool setting. Do yourselves a favour and try something new on your next #datenight or #girlsnight! Be on the lookout for his events via Eventbrite.ca.

pop up x gusto montreal 4

Photos by Tamara Hussain (@therealmtlfoodie).

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