Written by Alex Spina on 04.09.18

Montreal’s Burger Week is back! Every year restaurants around the city that take part in this event have a chance to go above and beyond people’s expectations with burger creations that will blow your taste buds right off. The best part about this interactive experience is that you guys get to decide which restaurant you feel did it the best by casting your votes. Let’s be real for a moment: while we know you can’t possibly try 30 plus burgers in a week, who said you couldn’t try!

Baton Rouge

This year we were fortunate to try two burgers by some pretty big name restaurants. Le Monsieur Resto + Bar did an exceptional job at hosting bloggers and writers for a night as we got to try theirs and Le Bird Bar‘s delicious burgers.

Paradis BBQ

Le Monsieur Resto + Bar, known for their urban and modern menu items, is getting inspired this year with some classic Greek ingredients. Vicky’s Sparta Burger is a lamb kofta burger. While many of us can agree that this ingredient is best inside a delicious Gyro, we can tell you that the burger was delicious. Topped with feta, kopanisti (spicy red pepper feta), spanakopita mix, and a fried slice of eggplant, you really get a blend of your typical Greek flavours. The flavours work together and if you are a lover of Greek food, this unique burger definitely shows off the ingredients well.


Is it a fried chicken burger at Bird Bar? Absolutely, and if your specialty is fried chicken then why would you change it! Le Bird Bar is using their memorable fried chicken and making it pop in this year’s Le Big Max. Two slices of fried chicken served between a sesame bun, thousand island dressing, cheddar cheese, iceburg lettuce, blanched jalapeños, and a pickle makes this a classic burger. The spice is tamed in the blanching process but the jalapeño flavour is evident. Their traditional friend chicken remains the center of attention here even with the ever so powerful thousand islands dressing. Some may even say that this burger reminds them of the world famous “Big Mac.”

Le BirdBar

Both these restaurants did an excellent job at bringing together ingredients and flavours that best describe the food they serve on a nightly basis. The Sparta burger was classy and elegant while its colours were vibrant and the flavours matched its look. Le Bird Bar didn’t disappoint, as you will see how good their fried chicken really is.

La Belle Tonkinoise

If you would like to check out any other restaurant that is participating in this year’s event, be sure to check out Montreal Burger Week’s official website. Some big name restaurants that you may recognize are Jukebox Burgers, Baton Rouge, Le Gras Dur, Notre Boeuf de Grace, and Burger Bar Crescent. Remember you can also vote on which one you feel deserves to be crowned champion!


All photos courtesy of Le Burger Week.

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